Pink Lady

IMG_8559-2 Now there’s something about a fur collared jacket and shiny legwear that makes me feel immediately gangster (or one of those girls that hangs around them) BUT today’s outfit is actually Grease inspired…

I received a lovely Boohoo gift voucher the other day, and instead going for something floral/flippy/cutesy, I decided to go absolutely wild. Hey disco pants! So on arrival of my new shiny leg things, I popped on some of my favourite tunes and had a bit of a shape-making session infront of the camera. Cue the results…



IMG_8539 So despite these cringeworthy shots, I actually discovered that they’re quite easy to wear. This is my pre-planned end of exams party outfit (yep, I’ve already been dreaming of this night) but heels aside, they actually look quite nice with an oversized jumper and pumps, or hi-tops if you’re well trendy. I was pretty sceptical about the ‘pants’ because I’ve not been gifted with amazing gazelle legs, but the high waisted-ness of them actually helps with shaping me up. So if you’re on the fence like me, take the plunge. If anything, you’ll have a smashing time dancing around your flat-MONEYWELLSPENT.
 IMG_8508 IMG_8551


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