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Today, after what can only be described as two weeks of hell during the exam period, I came to a sad realisation. I realised that my daily beauty regime now only consisted of a toothbrush and an eyeliner pencil (eeeew). Most women long to be more ‘low-maintenance’ but god I just cannot pull that one off. So I went off on a big old beauty haul (hence the blog title, geddit?) the day after I finished uni, and this is what I came back with.

So i’m now plunging myself into the realms of beauty blogging… That is, telling you whether stuff actually does what it says on the tin or not. Now I’m no expert, so think of this more as the Bridget-Jones-attempts-some-waxing kind of approach.


Inhibitif and Glowgetter- Boots. Shorts- Forever 21, Top- Zara, Shoes- Swedish Hasbeens

  IMG_9035 So today’s post is leg-based. I was lucky enough to get my hands on this new Inhibitif potion, that the beauty world seems to be going mental over. It is supposed to permanently stop hair growth if applied twice per day, every day, for 6 weeks. That sounds like a lot of effort, but for the slight chance of never having to deal with shaving again, I’m in. It is only being sold in Boots at the moment, at a retail price of £29. It comes in this very thick glass bottle, and has a kind of herby medicinal scent to it. Today was my first attempt at applying it to my legs, so I shall keep you all posted over the coming weeks.

Now onto something I never thought I’d blog about in my life. Tan. I really do love the whole ‘pale and interesting’ look, but the minute I think of summer snaps of days gone by, I absolutely cringe. I am forever freaking friends out with the contrast between sunkissed arms and neck with my corpse-coloured legs after I’ve been on holiday. SO, I decided to take the plunge, and go for a tanning ‘powder’ with good, trusted Soap and Glory.

IMG_8857-2 I actually coated (perhaps too generously) a whole half of my body in the stuff, to check the effects of the product. The way i process my blog images makes me look far paler than what I am, so the image above is completely unedited. The colour has since ‘settled’ and it has a lovely sugary smell, unlike most other tanning products.

On the subject of summer skin, I recently bought these gorgeous print shorts from Forever 21. They are high waisted and loose fitted which is an absolute dream style of short for me. I also love the length, as an owner of a rather large derriere, I shy away from a lot of hotpants. I apologise for the prudishness, but these are just quite frankly a nice, decent length.

IMG_8956 IMG_8961 IMG_8947


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