IMG_8914 Now my beauty bag is ‘compact’ to say the least. I enjoy nothing more than the ‘get up and go’ attitude. That said however, I barely leave my house with a naked face. So this week, I went and purchased a few beauty-related bits and bobs. I made my face up using these products as a kinda review type thing. Firstly, I noticed I was applying mascara to my eyes that had long since dried. I usually use Bourgeois Volumizer as it is the best i’ve ever used, however, the ‘two step application’ takes a bit of effort, so I started looking around. Alongside denim shopping, I absolutely detest buying mascara. So many types, so many promises… A few of my friends had praised Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ mascara, so when I found a cheeky ยฃ7 Boots voucher crumpled in my purse, I made the purchase. I have a deep rooted relationship with Benefit. It was the make up I saved up for when I was 14, and I absolutely loved the stuff. But after a few years of use, I didn’t think that it was all it was cracked up to be. I still feel the same if i’m honest. The mascara is decent for the ยฃ12 I paid for it, but in comparison to some others by Bourgeois and Rimmel, it’s just not fantastic.

IMG_8927-3 From semi- high end to the purse-friendly range, I moved on to Superdrug. I am such a fan of MUA products, and still maintain that their blusher is the best i’ve ever tried. So I was keen to try out their new ‘face’ range. With products on 3 for 2 also, I was spoilt for choice. I opted for their primer, which is pretty decent at evening out blemishes. The eye primer was my wildcard product on the 3 for 2, and although it’s pretty effective, It is literally the exact same as my Rimmel ‘wake me up concealer’ which is odd. By far the best product however is the fixing mist. Coming in at a grand ยฃ3, it does the exact same job as the Urban Decay fixing mist that I was using previously. I use it mainly on eye make up for nights out, there is literally nothing worse than arriving home to find that you were rocking the abused prostitute look. Saddening when you know you left looking like a smokey eyed goddess.IMG_9034


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