IMG_8643  I often think that Primark goes from fab to not-so-fab on a weekly basis. There’s no doubting that the shop is absolutely brilliant for bringing affordable fashion to the high street. The other day when I was in, I actually decided to try on this cheeky little printed dress. At only £5 it is an absolute bargain, and i thought it was worth picking up for holidays/ festivals this year. I found the style really flattering and would reccomend picking a few up if you’re travelling anywhere this year (there are a good five different prints) IMG_8653 IMG_9109

IMG_9126 Its also a great little number for layering up. Pretty essential for this mental British weather. Now that I am a free woman, I enjoyed a lovely little day out with my friend Pip. I chose my usual Miss Selfridge coat for the occasion, as its a little dressy, and relatively lightweight. We went to the awfully grand Pollock House and instead of absorbing some of the house’s interesting history, we ended up wandering through the rooms imagining how we would’ve designed them ourselves. Critical I know, but our brains are just too tired for extra knowledge.  Good luck to anyone else who’s currently experiencing the torment of exams!IMG_9075 IMG_9140 IMG_9051


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