Me again! Despite this being an incredibly standard outfit, I feel quite frankly wild this week, in that I purchased a pair of light denim, I repeat, LIGHT denim jeans. Now i’m a lady who lives by a ‘dark denim hides a multitude of sins’ motto, but I really fancied a denim for this warmer (yet still very unpredictable) weather. These jeans are currently in the miss selfridge sale. They’re pretty high waisted which I love, as I can wear my favourite little knit top with them (vintage)

IMG_9210Next up are my amazing suede fringed boots. Everytime I wear them I get that crazy song in my head, hence the blog title. My aunt kidnly gifted these to me, after we went browsing in Matalan on a recent shopping trip. Now i’m not going to lie, I didn’t have the highest opinion of Matalan beforehand. BUT they’ve really gone to town on their new ad campaign, and it seems they’ve really upped their game on the highstreet recently.

So I wore this outfit on my little campervan holiday to the picturesque town of St. Andrews. I get freaked out by any part of Scotland above Glasgow (it gets more remote and the accents more strange the further you go) so have been keen to try out some highland weekenders. Bit of a shame that we set up camp on a traveller’s site without realising it. Well, until two tiny 7 year olds began grinding to their Rihanna CD outside their caravan. Nevertheless, the town of St. Andrews was beautiful. It is a very tiny town (almost a village if i’m honest) that’s steeped in mediaeval history. Definitely worth a visit!



10 thoughts on “Western

  1. Rachael C says:

    Ah super cute outfit! You should have said you were coming to St As, I could have showed you around and it would have been great to meet a fellow blogger ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ash Park says:

      Ahhhh no way, I didn’t know there were fellow bloggers hanging around St. Andrews! Thanks for the lovely offer though Rachael, will be sure to drop you a line on my next visit, you live in a lovely place! X

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