IMG_9348IYA SUMMER. I cannot express how much I’m enjoying this sunshine. I’ve turned all typical Brit on myself in peeling the layers off as quickly as I could. My most recent purchases are two which are very hard to style for everyday-wear (hence why i’ve snapped these pics in my garden hehe) The first is this gorgeous River Island Kimono. I adore the intricate detail and purchased it mainly for my summer holidays as a beachwear cover up. I’ve also found that on these warm summery mornings that its actually great for wearing as a dressing gown.

kimonoย IMG_9369

This fringed kimono will also (hopefully) see me through festival season (by that I mean one) as it’s pretty nifty teamed with shorts and ever faithful cowboy boots. Another only-acceptable-at-a-festival accessory comes in the form of my hair garland. These seem to be pretty big this summer, and I absolutely love how girlie they are. I’m not really feeling brave enough to strut my floral-clad headwear through the streets back home yet, so the cheap and cheerful Primark options are really best for just a couple of uses. What are your star buys for this summer? I feel this old wardrobe needs a little/ big overhaul soon, and i’m in pursuit of COLOURS.


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