IMG_9721Well summer is here and i’m keen to make the absolute most of it, both fashion-wise and adventure-wise. I recently purchased this cheeky little paisley print beach dress from H&M for my holidays this year. I love the way its hangs, and to my absolute surprise, I found the great British weather was warm enough to wear it. The dress comes in at an amazing £12.99, in a few different colours/ prints, so i’ve picked up a couple. Suitably dressed for summer, my friend Claire and myself packed the car and headed for the beautiful city of Oxford.
IMG_9641 IMG_9665-2  IMG_9681We spent a great day enjoying some quintessentially English delights (Morris Dancers, i’m looking at you) eating tasty bbq burgers, and perving on some incredibly dressed people. It genuinely seemed that beautiful architecture attracted beautiful people, although the graduation processions probably had a hand in that. I teamed my dress with my strappy summer Swedish Hasbeens. The heel on them is perfect, and due to their clog-esque style (really not selling them here) they are incredibly comfortable. I had to sneak the trusty biker jacket in too though for those cloudy moments- admittedly not the most co-ordinated of ensembles. 
IMG_9620-2  IMG_9636  IMG_9653


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