Pearly Queen

IMG_0037-2With the free time i’ve had these past few weeks, i’ve been trying to make the most of my not-so-sunny-summer. Oddly enough, I really seem to be doing the rounds in posh university towns of recent. I was lucky enough to have secured some tickets to Royal Ascot this week, so drove down to my lovely friend Emily’s to pick her up for the event. She lives in a pretty swanky house in Cambridge, so we decided to fit in a little holiday time before the big raceday.


IMG_0036My most recent purchase has been these lovely pearl-lined hotpants. Buying denim shorts is usually hell for me, as I like high waisted non-cheek skimming sorts (which seem to be impossible to find these days) so I took a little gamble on these boohoo shorts. I reckon it paid off, I find them very flattering and very comfortable. The only possible downside is that they’re rather small made, so if you’re not a fan of ye olde camel toe, opt for your ‘safer size’. I teamed them with my mars bar Swedish Hasbeen sandals and embellished vest. The double texture outfit is quite frankly wild for me, but i’m rather enjoying it!
IMG_9973ย  IMG_9988Our little Cambridge tour was rather lovely. We were punted down the river (That just can’t be said without sounding disgusting) by a lovely tour guide, and witnessed some rather hilarious behaviour from some of the University’s Students. This included some spiffing young chaps who’d decided to laze along the river in paddling pools, sipping on their Pimms and lemonade- seriously, they actually were. Further down the river we were serenaded in our boat by some falsetto operatic male students. The heights their voices reached… wow.
IMG_9991-2ย IMG_9970ย IMG_9978


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