IMG_9802 After having been lounging around in more wide-fit ‘apartment pants’ and baggy t-shirts than probably classifies as socially appropriate, getting all dressed up for Royal Ascot was warmly welcomed last week. Now Ascot has fairly strict rules with regards to dress code. I think its some crafty plan to eliminate some of the more revealing outfits that have graced the grandstand in the past (can I just suggest for next time, strict fake tan bans.) With the compulsory headgear having to be wider than 4inches wide, I opted for this Failsworth flying saucer-esque hat. There is nothing I enjoy more than occasion-wear hats.

IMG_9836  IMG_9815-2 Now the dress has to have ‘sufficient’ sleeves. I chose this lovely satin-y Phase Eight drape dress. Dressing for my shape is often a nightmare, somedays it is literally like i’m dressing a pear up, and I found this little belt worked wonders on my waist. Despite the price of this frock being slightly higher end of my measly student budget, this Phase Eight number comes top of list for weddings and grad balls this summer. My dress aside, I saw some beautiful outfits on the day. Most notably, I’d vote Bollywood beaut Aishwarya Rai as my best dressed of the day. I enjoyed my day so much that i’m already planning next year’s visit. Ascot is a beautiful place, and the day was made quite frankly splendid with the arrival of the Queen, Charles, and Camilla (iloveyou) who were followed by the lovely, but pretty startled looking Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie (i think it’s just their eyes.) Who wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to check out the royal family and bet on some horses!?

horseracing-2 130618183715-royal-ascot-enclosure-crowd-horizontal-gallery photo-7-2



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