Lonely street


Body and Shorts- Boohoo, Shoes- Topshop, Necklace- Primark, Bag- Kardashians for Dorothy Perkins, Kimono- River Island

I never thought i’d say this, butttt I think i’ve found a crafty way to incorporate boots into my summer wardrobe- hurrah! My decision to shell out on my newly beloved Arabel Boots was influenced by LLYMLRS lovely blog. The cutout style is perfect with summery dresses, and the chunky hardwearing sole will see me through winter. So today i’ve dressed as a bit of a festival cliche. I’ve grunge-ified my pearly shorts with the heavy boots and black body, then added a little bit (well, rather O.T.T bit) of fringing to the whole ensemble.IMG_0413ย  IMG_0407ย Now i’m not sure that this outfit is all-occassion-appropriate, but for these summery festivals and social soirees (ie sitting in the ย garden with my pals) it’s absolutely perfect!IMG_0445



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