IMG_1284  IMG_1285Now i’d like to consider myself a kind of high street connoisseur. I don’t have any of that ‘brand snobbery’ and love nothing more than coming across a new store or online retailer, BUT today i’ve realised i’m basically dressing like a Topshop mannequin. In their most recent sale I found this zany little puffball skirt, and have teamed it with the equally discounted crop blouse.
IMG_1298  IMG_1308 The blouse is gorgeous as it looks so vintage and oversized, and works best tucked into things. I recently purchased these fantabulous shoe boots from Topshop too. The platform gives me an extra 4.5 inches of height, whilst making my legs look a lot leaner AND there is little incline. I’ve clocked up a few miles of walking in these and they are absolutely dreamy. I’ve added my floppy hat and biker jacket to the outfit. On my recent trip to Los Angeles (dropping that one in there if it kills me- LA post coming soon) I purchased this little hat in a desperate attempt to look more celeb-like. Sadly my quest to get papped didn’t go quite to plan, and instead I looked slightly idiotic for wearing a winter hat in the 40 degree heat. I’ll try again next year.


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