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heart2For a long time now, I’ve been admiring this dress on Kim’s adorable blog. I’d been too cautious to make the purchase as I was wary of the  cut-out shoulders (I have a weird theory that these shoulders turn girls into he-man) But when the dress popped up in the Minkpink sale recently, I had it through the checkout quicker than I could say ‘Hamsa Hand’- and I haven’t looked back since. My review: the shoulders are actually less butch- more boho.

As of late, I’ve been exploring as much as possible of my current city- Glasgow.I have to say, of all the cities, Glasgow comes pretty close in as one of my favourite places to be. There is honestly nowhere as beautiful on a summers day, whether you’re exploring the narrow and somewhat magical lanes, admiring a loch from an incredible hillside, or just chatting the day away with a fellow Weegie, I’m pretty sure I’ll never get tired of it’s quirky goodness.

So, when my boyfriend and I were out exploring last weekend we  came across Pollok Country Park. Its 146 hectares of scenic green parkland, complete with a gorgeous Stately home and stables full of horses. What’s more, the whole thing is nestled in the middle of the city.  We happily spent a day spent brunching at Pollock house, and petting some adorably humongous ponies- all rounded off by a quick stroll around the grounds. One of my favourite Spring weekends to date!







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