Matchy Matchy


It’s no secret that I’m pretty in love with New look at the moment. Their clothing is always current, and I particularly love the fit of the stuff. That is to say, I can order my size online, or pick something up off the shelf minus the trauma of finding I needed it 3 sizes bigger on the bottom and two sizes smaller on the top.

Although it’s arguably a little 70’s and the print is certainly more daring when in double form, but the other day, I picked up this matchy-matchy top and skirt in the New Look sale. I’m already pretty excited to wear them as separates, with casual t shirts, and a pair of my favourite black rip jeans. On this occasion I went full blown patterned lady, and teamed it with these River Island stiletto heels, which are, contrary to how they look, one of the comfiest pairs of heels I’ve ever had the pleasure of purchasing.

How would you wear a printed two piece like this? I’m desperate to be as inventive as I can, and find my eyes are drawn to co-ords on both the Asos and Motel websites- but I think I’ll limit my purchasing for another time…

IMG_3014 IMG_3010-2


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