Cray Cray


You know on occasion girls will talk about their ‘go-to’ outfit, or complete ‘staple’ pieces? The items they turn to in times of bad hair days, I’ve-eaten-too-much-cake days and down right lazy days? Well these black jeans and striped t shirt would be my answer. The thing about a good Breton striped top and a pair of comfy jeans that I love, is how easy they are to customize. I don’t mean with safety pins and fabric paint (although my 13 year old fanatical Art Attack self wouldn’t mind) but I have done similar. I’m loving this increase of ‘DIY’ blogs on the web at the moment, and following the cue of ‘Fake Leather’s’ busted jean tutorial, I decided to throw caution to the wind (or scissors at my trousers) in order to create these ripped knee skinny jeans.

On our little Saturday walk this week I opted for my new favourite Asos top, that I picked up on impulse after spotting it on the website and finding it frankly, thigh-slappingly funny.  It’s amazing just how much happier a simple outfit can make you feel!


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